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10 Week Challenge “You vs You” Starts 11 October

The Wickedbodz Challenge is about becoming the best version of you. We have put together a comprehensive package to help you achieve your best possible results. WHAT DO I RECEIVE WHEN I SIGN UP? Nutritional advice and education to help achieve your goals. Whether trimming up and reducing fat or…

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Mental State Challenge – Starts 26th July

  Our latest challenge is up and ready for sign-ups! In this challenge, we’ll be pushing your mind and body to the limit. It’s all about improving your physical and mental health for this challenge. Find out more on the challenge sign up page.

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Wickedbodz Refuel Cafe

Newly Opened, The  Wickedbodz Refuel Cafe is conveniently located across the road from Wickedbodz Gym in the Lido Arcade Surfers Paradise.

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Wickedbodz Transformation Challenge #3 2019

As the year progresses and the cold settles in on the Gold Coast, we are set to start the third transformation challenge for 2019 on the tail of one of our most successful transformation challenges.

We’ve seen some of the best results from the previous challenge and look forward to continuing that trend of building health habits and changing people’s lifestyles for the better.

Challenge #3 is all about preparing and building that summer body as summer bodies are built in winter.

Starting on Monday 5th of August 2019, we’ll be performing fitness testing and weight ins for the challenge.

Our state of the art Evolt body scanner will provide the baseline scans, analysing weight, body fat percentages and lean body mass for all of our participants and we’ll prepare everyone for the next 10 weeks of training and diet plan.

For more information about the challenge, please visit our challenge website at or contact us via email on

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Fastlane50 Challenge For Men’s Mental Health Awareness

For our charity Fastlane50 Challenge, we are using the same format except we are going to work out at each station at Maximum Intensity for 15 stations without rest until we hit 100 stations!!! This would mean our competitors would have to get through OVER 6 laps of our Fastlane! If they can make it that far, it will be a test for not just the body but the mind also and we are ready to hit it at Maximum Intensity.

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Social Media And ‘PERCEPTION’

I was asked in an interview I done on Friday in conversation why I don’t have a large social media presence as they thought it was strange having such a successful career and business… I had a laugh to myself and the first word that came to my head was “PERCEPTION” ha ha …

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Updates To WickedBodz Gym

Some exciting changes are happening at WickedBodz Fitness Centre. New group gym training facilities are coming along with a bunch of new classes. There won’t be any interruptions to the group training sessions. We have a charity event coming up soon along with our 13th birthday so subscribe for more information and updates.

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Body Transformation Challenge #3 – 13th Aug

Dates for the third body transformation and fitness challenge has been set, 13th August 2018.

We’ve had a slight delay with the renovations and improvements to our state of the art group fitness training facilities that we are building for you.

As a result, Body Transformation Challenge #3 will start on the 13th of August.

We have a Food, Nutrition and Weight Loss information night on the 26th of July in the lead up to the start of our challenge where you will learn about nutrition, diets and have a chance to ask anything you want in regards to food, nutrition and exercise in general.

Register and RSVP on our Facebook event to reserve your spot.

Register your interest and commit to our 8 week challenge.

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Post Challenge 2 Update

Challenge 2 is over for the year already. We’ve has some great results from all participants. If you want to understand your scans better and some more help in reaching your goals, please come in and have a chat to us. We’ll break down your scans and give you some insights into what you need to achieve your goals.

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As the weather gets cooler and daylight hours get shorter, we all know how tough it can be to get out of bed and make it to the gym. Combine that with our bodies’ natural reaction to “insulate” us from the cold by sending out the hunger signals to fatten us up, and it’s no wonder many people put on a few kg’s over the winter. But this doesn’t have to be you! What’s the secret to beating the winter bloat? Keeping consistent with your training and lean, healthy diet – It’s not rocket science! Though we do agree that it’s definitely harder to stay motivated in winter, which is why we have put together our top training motivation tips so you can look and feel amazing in your jeans this winter!!

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In the last year or two, sugar has been completely demonized in the fitness and “diet” world. Before that it was “carbs” and before that it was “fat”; But the truth is, sugar, like all these other things, has it’s place in our diet. Sugar contains no essential nutrients, is high in calories and is quickly absorbed into the blood stream, which makes it good for fast energy, but that’s about it! We don’t actually need a lot of sugar, but people that are more physically active will need more than someone sitting at a desk all day. The main problem is that many people consume far too much for their needs!

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You might not know it, but getting the right amount of sleep is almost as important as nutrition and exercise to achieving your fitness goals. This is the time when your body does most of its repairing and rebuilding, so if you aren’t getting enough, this could be inhibiting you from reaching your full potential!

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What you need to know and what you should be taking…

When it comes to supplements lets face it. This shit can get confusing! With an endless list of nutrition and sport performance supplements on the markets these days and a supplement shop on every corner it’s hard to know what advice to take when it comes to products claiming miraculous results.

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