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Fastlane Flash 50

Fastlane Flash is an all-out war against stubborn body fat. The intensity of this cardio workout is designed get you in the fat-burning zone quickly and stay there the entire workout. If you’re looking to test yourself mentally & physically, this is the workout for you.

Wicked MIIT

Wicked MIIT (Maximum Intensity Interval Training) is a mix of various exercises designed burn calories in a short period of time

Wicked Assault

Wicked Assault is a Combination of boxing cardio and strength building

Wicked Strength

Wicked Strength is our ultimate muscle building workout!

Wicked Signature

An awesome class combining strength and resistance

Wicked Box

Boxing for fitness, is arguably the most effective fat burning exercise

Fastlane Flash

Fastlane Flash is an all-out war against stubborn body fat.

Casual Gym Memberships

We are offering a limited number of exclusive gym memberships. We limit the number of memberships offered so that our members can enjoy the luxury of never feeling crowded.

Personal training

Your Wickedbodz personal trainer has the knowledge and drive get you results fast – a 45 minute session here is worth three times what most people will do in the gym on their own – and that’s just one reason Wickedbodz clients prefer to train with us!