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SET A GOAL.When that alarm goes off in the morning, you need something that’s going to get you out of bed. Something that excites you. Something that you really want to achieve. Whether it’s to be able to do something you’ve never been able to do, or at a speed you have never been able to reach, or to look better than you’ve ever looked. Make it specific, quantifiable and put a time limit on it.

BE ACCOUNTABLE. This is the thing that’s going to hold you to your goal. One of my favourite ways to push myself through a session is to train with an interval timer, not just for work time, but also to limit rest time! Announcing your goal to your family and friends, joining a training group and/ or getting a friend involved, are some of the other best ways to stick you to your goal.

LEARN SOMETHING NEW. There is nothing more interesting and exciting that learning a new skill. Every session brings little successes and new achievements. Not only does this make training far more fun and interesting, it will this help build your confidence, and will keep you coming back for more and more. More training = a fitter, happier, healthier, more confident you!

If you’re scratching your head looking for something fun and new to try, check out WickedBOX – our 8 week boxing program that starts on Monday. We will teach you proper technique, footwork, defence, real fight combos including how and when to use them and heaps more… You will be surprised at how much you will learn in only 8 weeks!! Then at the end we will even give you the opportunity to show off your skills to your friends and family in your own “fight” experience (optional). No experience is necessary or preferred! Click here for more info.