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Social Media And ‘PERCEPTION’

I was asked in an interview I done on Friday in conversation why I don’t have a large social media presence as they thought it was strange having such a successful career and business… I had a laugh to myself and the first word that came to my head was “PERCEPTION” ha ha …

What social media has done to us all is completely lose touch of reality (if we allow it to) … ANY of us can be ANYTHING we want (or perceive) now if we can get people to believe it .. It gives the public an opportunity to become (fantasize) who they could only DREAM of being before social media.

Here are just a few of the thousands of examples.

For those of you that don’t know me I have been involved, watched a few people go from zero to millions of “followers” so yes, I do have an idea what in talking about. I have nothing against social media influences (those words even crack me up) at all … IF they were REAL … NO photoshop, NO APPS, REAL content of themselves etc. etc.… It breaks me when I hear young girls and guys (or even adults) saying they want to look like her or him when they get older and do this like them and I’m sitting there thinking you poor little things. They have been sucked in.


# Online Fitness guru’s…

NO qualifications, NO experience in human anatomy, physiology, dietary NEEDED … NOTHING!! You need nothing of the like to become an online fitness Guru… SCARY

# Millionaire….

You do NOT need ONE cent in the bank to perceive you’re a millionaire on social media. you DO need a CREDIT card, CAMERA (a must) and live like one. You can do all this with a few hundred in the bank and $500,000 debit. Driving a $100,000 car on your $50,000 wage.

# Look to be running a SUCCESSFUL business.

Even if it’s going BROKE you can still perceive your KILLING it.


NOW this is the BIG one!!! (one of my Fav’s) NEEDED…. Complete self-belief you are famous, PERFECT how to use ALL APP’s. ALL of them!!! Be creative and study REAL famous people’s social media and copy theirs. Pretty much just bullshit till people like yourself believe it… P.S Majority of these people do actually believe they are just that .. Famous .. Now don’t get me wrong SOCIAL MEDIA used in the right way is fantastic. It’s a great way of marketing for businesses, keeping in touch with friends and family. I’m just talking about

“PERCEPTION” and what can be perceived …

PAID SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCES…. NOT ALL but you know the ones I’m talking about. This one for years I’ve been scratching me head at… WHY that’s right WHY do some business and brands PAY for some of these people to indorse their brand without checking the ANALYTICS of the individual just because they have 1000000 Followers the maybe worth the big Fuck all to your business?????

Example… SWIMSUIT company pays girl X amount of dollars to her to take a few sexy pics in their swimmers to their 100,000 followers. NOT all the time but a lot of these times the girls ANALYTICS will show MAJORITY are male “followers” from all around the world that spend days on end in front of their computers waiting for some more arse shots or maybe even a little nipple to keep them going through their day. Are they EVER going to buy a swimsuit ??

jury is out…. In my day, we had to buy magazines! ha-ha If they were selling cheap hand lube I would understand

GYMS paying these people …. Same reason.

People with Mass followers are being paid to try and get these gyms new members and clients yet majority of these followers are from the back of India or Nigeria or the like so all your extra likes you’re getting on your page are worth sweet fuck all. ZERO money back value.

I’m not bagging these FAMOUS people I’m bagging the people that pay them without considering your return for your money. I’ve had these people in my gyms and believe me it made no difference..

If you choose to go down this road as you see some value then make sure you check your social famous staff members REAL worth. Anyhow that’s enough for now there is heaps more coming soon .. Sorry to anyone that has read this and got a reality check and I hope I have given a little insight into the wonderful “perception” we live in these days ..

Regards, Keep it real…