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Work At Wickedbodz

Are you interested in a career at Queenslands #1 Exclusive Fitness Centre?

Wickedbodz was founded nearly 10 years ago by owner Mark Mathie, who at that time was a 10 year veteran of the fitness industry and had just returned from London where he had been running Londons most exclusive health club at the time Holmes Place Kensington (now a Virgin Active) and traveling with his A-list celebrity and business magnate clientele. It was this atmosphere that he wished to recreate in his own brand new business back home, and Wickedbodz was born on the Gold Coast.

Starting out from humble beginnings as a small studio in the 50 Cavill avenue office building, Wickedbodz slowly grew entirely through word of mouth, as we relocated from there to 64 Ferny ave, to the upper level of Wings Day Spa and now into Chevron Renaissance where we have expanded twice more since being there to accommodate our growth. Along the way we have introduced group training, bootcamps and now gym memberships.

With the rapid growth of our business, we are always on the lookout for more personal trainers who wish to start/continue a long-term career in fitness with Wickedbodz. As one of the most reputable fitness businesses in Australia, our name means everything to us and we give everything we have to offer our clients and members 5 star service, knowledge, professionalism and enjoyable, clean environment and expect the same of our employees.

Wickedbodz employees enjoy access and use of the best gym in town and its facilities, a fun work environment, industry training like nowhere else and the opportunity and support to grow your own business with Wickedbodz, giving you uncapped earning potential.

One of the reasons we are considered as industry leaders is because of the time and training we put into making our staff the very best they can be. Personal training is so much more than just giving a client a bunch of exercises to do and a meal plan to follow. Its about the way you make your clients feel, your ability to motivate them, the support you give them when they need it and not just training related. You are proficient in LISTENING to what your client wants, and programming sessions for a variety of fitness goals (not just your own) and know how to progress your clients as their fitness improves. You understand that your clients have chosen to work with you, and you have the attitude that it is YOUR privilege and not theirs to train them, so you treat them and talk to then with the utmost respect and professionalism at all times. To work at Wickedbodz you must consider yourself as a well-above-average PT.

If you are not sure if you have these skills yet (maybe youre relatively new to the industry), we offer one-on-one PT mentoring sessions that can help you develop your skills and confidence, teach you the things that can only be learned through experience and void the gap between being a PT school graduate and a proficient and effective personal trainer that people are lining up to train with. This also allows us to mould you into the type of extraordinary trainer that we only employ at Wickedbodz, and potentially give you a foot in the door.

While there are many things that we can teach our future employees, there are a few things that one must already possess if they are to have any type of success not just at Wickedbodz, but in the fitness industry in general:
You are always early and well prepared.
You understand that you are in a position where your clients depend on you, and their business is of utmost importance to you; you are there to train your clients rain, hail, flood, traffic, vehicle breakdown, illness or injury, (you get the picture) there are no excuses, ever, because you lead by example.